Book: Edward Jordon (who penned the film) 
Lyrics by June Rachelson-Ospa
Music by Daniel Neiden

Hollywood scream queen Delilah Leigh hasn’t made a movie in years, but she’s a superstar to love struck Bhuvan Bannerji, a newly transplanted Indian who runs a bus tour of movie stars’ homes in L.A. A wannabe filmmaker, Bhuvan hopes to sweep Delilah off her feet and whisk her back to India’s Tinseltown, “Bollywood.” He even writes her a comeback vehicle called “The Great Lady,” a throwback to all those campy horror movies of the 1960s that reheated the careers of veteran Hollywood actresses. In true “Sunset Boulevard” fashion, Delilah and her frumpy assistant, Delia, take the fledgling writer under their wings. But these “Great Ladies” aren’t exactly who they say they are. Delia is actually Delilah and Delilah is actually Delilah’s son, Devin. By the time Bhuvan discovers their ruse, Devin has fallen head-over-high heels for him. But that’s just the beginning! Delilah, the ultimate great lady, helps the romance along by imprisoning the star-crossed dudes in the attic, suspecting that true nature will soon take its course.  Add Delilah’s secret admirer (a guy with a secret of his own), a tipsy, nosey neighbor who can’t keep a secret, and screwballsy complications to rival any campy horror movie of the 1960s, and you have what reviewers of the original non-musical film hailed as “Sunset Boulevard with a gay and Indian twist” OR, as we like to dub it, “Sunset Boulevard meets La Cage Aux Folles.”

June Rachelson-Ospa and Daniel Neiden have collaborated on musical theater projects for a number of years.  The team won the VSArts Award and has had their work performed at The Kennedy Center; Bergen County Players; The Midtown Children's Musical Theater Festival; Bryant Park; and The Public Theater. Their individual songwriting experiences date back to work sessions with Doc Pomus, and The FUGS' Steven Taylor, with their works recorded by Grammy legend, Dr. John; Peppy Castro; Luther Kent; Jennifer Lewis; and Shannon McNally.  Most recently, their song VOICELESS was recorded for the benefit of animal charities by Broadway stars Ann Crumb, Olga Merediz, and Judy McLane (



Book by June Rachelson-Ospa and Daniel Neiden
Lyrics by June Rachelson-Ospa
Music by Daniel Neiden

When June's son's teacher asked him to write about his experience with Tourette Syndrome (TS), he decided to create a musical play about it. With help from his mother, he created WELCOME TO TOURETTAVILLE, a story about a boy named Mark who, like him, had just learned that he has TS.  In the musical, Mark discovers an alien place called Tourettaville. There he comes face-to-face with aliens: Tick; Blinky; Screamer; and their leader, the Big Bleeper. They befriend Mark, inspiring self-acceptance and confidence which he takes back to Earth. 

Daniel Neiden created the music, including a song called "One of a Kind You."  When legendary New Orleans music icon, "Dr. John," met June's son, he was so moved by his story that he recorded "One Of A Kind You" for him.  Other musicians on the recording include Bob Dylan's bass player, and band members from Saturday Night Live.

  • Premiered at Kennedy Center
  • Won Very Special Arts Playwright Discovery Award, Kennedy Center (2000)
  • National Tourette Syndrome Convention in Alexandria, Virginia (Nov 2000)
  • National Tourette Syndrome Chapter's annual Meeting, New York's West Bank Cafe (Feb 2001)
  • Grammy winner, Dr. John, recorded song from Tourettaville, "One of a Kind You"
  • Won Spotlight Festival Awards (2004)
  • Won Best Ensemble Award at Neurofest (2005)
  •  Identity Theater 2012


Book by June Rachelson-Ospa and Daniel Neiden
Lyrics by June Rachelson-Ospa
Music by Allison Brewster

A musical about a boy named Weedle, who is bullied because he was born without any color in a land where everyone else has lots of colors.  Ostracized, Weedle runs away and meets a mysterious, disgruntled, three-headed companion, who convinces him to take revenge on those who hurt them.  Remorseful after seeing the damage he's done, Weedle cries.  To everyone's amazement, his tears are full of vibrant colors, evoking forgiveness and encouraging others not to be judgmental, but rather to look beyond a person's appearance to their true colors within.  

Bullying has become an epidemic, causing many children pain. THE TRUE COLORS OF WEEDLE confronts this issue in a fun-filled way, without shying away from the issue at hand.

  • Joria Stages (2014)
  • Identity Theater (2013)
  • TNT (Texas Non-profit Theater), Abilene Texas (2010)
  • Midtown Children's Musical Theater Fest (2008)
  • The Players Theatre (2007)


Book by June Rachelson-Ospa and Daniel Neiden
Lyrics by June Rachelson-Ospa
Music by Phil Goodbody, additional music by Daniel Neiden

About a Frog that kisses Princesses and turns them into frogs until he finds the right Princess.  (An award winning fairy tale)



Book by Stephen McCall
Lyrics by June Rachelson-Ospa
Music by Daniel Neiden

In the world of bullying, can there really be two sides to every story?  IMAGINARY BOY tells the desperate, but ultimately empowering story of two teenagers challenged by disabilities, domestic violence, and the hopelessness of feeling imaginary.  

This new, high energy, family musical brings hope through understanding will be presented by The Hurrah Players of Norfolk, Virginia.


Based on a short story by Shirley Spurgeon and her survival of Leukemia. 

Book by June Rachelson-Ospa and Daniel Neiden
Lyrics by June Rachelson-Ospa
Music by Daniel Neiden

STUPID WIG is a true love story for any galaxy.  Our heroic ten year old star fighter, Shirley, battles against monsters more terrifying than Darth Vader: Leukemia!  Fear! Alienation!  And a very scary, evil, STUPID WIG.  Responding "as Princess Leia would," Shirley is armed only with her out-of-this-galaxy imagination, and her boundless love for her grandfather. "My Han Solo.  My Tata.”


Book by June Rachelson-Ospa and Daniel Neiden
Lyrics by June Rachelson-Ospa
Music by Kezia Hirsey

A New Musical About Friends, Family and Finding Yourself
She's 65 years old and she's just done the unthinkable – she packed her bags, left a note, and boarded a plane for New York City.  After 43 years trapped in a marriage that was all about him, she's finally FREE!  As she rides the elevator up to her room at the Hotel Belleclaire, a cool panic seeps in, "What have I done?  I'm totally on my own!  Am I crazy?

So begins THE HOTEL BELLECLAIRE, and the saga of our heroine, Gloria.  Gloria is has just become a grey divorcee, and a statistic in a growing trend of "ladies of a certain age" who want out.  Silver separation is on the rise, led by other "Glorias" who, at 50+, are walking -- if not running -- away from long-term marriages like never before.

THE HOTEL BELLECLAIRE is a musical about this growing phenomenon and how three special women find their inner strength and powet through tears, laughter, and room service. They're not only friends but family, and they're on the road to reclaiming their lives and finding themselves.

  • Showcased at 13th Street Repertory Theater, NYC (2013)


Based on the book, A Trixie, a Shmoop and a Monster, by Tory Dube
Book and Lyrics by  June Rachelson-Ospa
Music by Daniel Neiden
Directed by Daniel Neiden

A musical about creating kindness and acceptance.

Other June Rachelson-Ospa Projects


Book and Lyric June Rachelson-Ospa
Music Phil Goodbody
In Association with James White and Shashi Balooja

The Life and Times of Young Master Henry Jekyll
Who is Henry Jekyll and who is Edward Hyde.  Are they one and the same, or split in two?  HYDE AND SEEK is much more than child's play!!!   Henry is schizophrenic   Hyde is his alter ego.


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