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Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Snow White in Charming Musical for Kids

Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Snow White are triplets who are stolen by an angry witch.  When she casts an evil spell, each sister is catapulted into her own fractured fairytale -- Rapunzel craves junk food, Cinderella has self-esteem issues, Snow White is allergic to apples, and each dreams of being rescued by a handsome Prince. 

Beau, Barry, and Burly Bob may be a little more bashful and bumbling than bright, but with the help of the Fairy Tailor and a little magic, they all live happily ever after! 

Running time: 60 mins.


“Great songs, great comedy, and the best singing you'll hear on or off Broadway.” 
~ Mike Reiss, Writer for #TheSimpsons

“It's better than the Spongebob movie!”
~ Sofia L., age 6 

“Rapunzarella White is everything a kids show should be: Colorful, fun, inclusive, and totally delightful! It is a clever spin on three fairy tales that all of us know and love. Plus, the music and lyrics are smart and sharply performed by a talented group of actors.”
~ Jack Hyman, Author of
"Breakfast with the Birds"

“…an unabashed joy!  Terrific music, an adorably sassy script, and zingers that keep parents laughing along.”

~ Bruce Kluger, Contributing Editor, 
Parenting Magazine

  • Premiered at the Midtown Children's Musical Theater Festival (2008)
  • Woodlawn Theatre, San Antonio, Texas (Nov 2009)
  • Bergen County Players Theatre, New Jersey (2009)
  • TNT, Abilene, Texas.  (2014)
  • 13th Street Repertory Theatre, NY. Directed by Daniel Neiden ( 6-month run, 2015)
  • ​CDC Theatre, Cranford, New Jersey (2015)


“...there is nothing kids love more than being silly!  RAPUNZARELLA WHITE is wonderful.  These marvelous actors totally connect with the whole family.”
~ Frances Breuer, Pre-school teacher

“Indeed, a magic kiss to parents.”
~ Judith Newman, Allure Magazine

"My daughter and I saw Rapunzarella White this weekend and loved it! 
She walked out and immediately said she wanted to see it again. 
This is the first time she's felt that way about a show....It really felt like the kind of show I saw and loved as a kid.  Not so easy to find anymore.

~ Vivian Connolly, a NYC mom

“It’s a total delight!” 
~ Mary McCormack, Tony Award-winning actress from Broadway's BOEING-BOEING

Bozomoon Productions
40 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014


Spare Times for Children for May 22-28

‘Rapunzarella White’

You expect certain phrases in fairy tales: “Once upon a time,” “true love’s kiss,” “happily ever after.” But “oy vey”?


  • Sew Far Away, Sew Clothes2:33
  • Oy Vey, What a Day1:18
  • Sweethearts1:23
  • Rock-a-Bye-Bye-Bye1:13
  • Oy Vey (Reprise)0:40
  • Woe Is Me2:30
  • Triple Threat2:08
  • Rosenbutters1:20
  • For the Birds2:28
  • My Heart Has Wings1:37
  • Free, Yessiree2:59
  • Never Talk to Strangers1:42
  • Klutz2:03
  • Razzle Dazzle 'em1:33
  • Razzle Dazzle 'em (Reprise)1:21
  • Please Don't Feed Me Apples1:35
  • Perfect Me and You0:53
  • Sweethearts (Reprise)0:31
  • Love is All1:39
  • Love Is All (Reprise)3:47

From left, Alia Munsch, Marlain Angelides and Schuler Midgett star in "Rapunzarella White," at the 13th Street Repertory Theater. 

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Yet — oy vey, indeed — that expression comes up often in “Rapunzarella White: A Fairly Fractured Tale,” a musical mash-up that seems to be set in Chelm, Jewish folklore’s renowned city of fools, rather than in any Grimm kingdom. But you don’t have to know Yiddish to enjoy the action, narrated by Herschel (Mark Singer), a haimish tailor. Playing at the 13th Street Repertory Theater, the production combines “Rapunzel,” “Cinderella” and “Snow White” into an hour of silliness that celebrates its source material at the same time that it spoofs it.

Written by June Rachelson-Ospa and Daniel Neiden, and directed by Mr. Neiden, “Rapunzarella White” relates the story of Millicent (Breena Beck), a queen who gives birth to triplets. Her witchy twin, Winifred (Marlain Angelides), who’s never forgiven her for stealing and marrying Winifred’s boyfriend, makes the girls disappear. (They’re played in infancy by three bright balloons nestled in a basket; the balloons that comically burst in sequence as Winifred recites her evil spells.) Winifred tells the queen that she won’t see her daughters again until their true loves say “Rapunzarella White” to them simultaneously.

The girls — Rapunzel, Cinderella and Snow White — grow up to suffer in the same ways as those original heroines. But here, Rapunzel (Alia Munsch) has a bratty nature; Cinderella (Ms. Beck) is a klutz; and Snow White (Schuyler Midgett) develops a disturbingly voracious appetite.

Their potential husbands, the Rosenbutter brothers — Brandon Duncan, Derek Bado and Brent Hildreth — possess even less charm than brains. Instead of a fairy godmother, Cinderella acquires a fairy godbrother — Mr. Bado again, dressed like Liberace, with a personality to match — and a prospective mother-in-law, Rhoda (a hilarious Mr. Duncan in drag), who resembles Phyllis Diller more than she does a Disney queen.

These characters’ adventures unfold briskly, aided by actors who adeptly switch roles and by a score that gallops merrily through musical genres. The high points include jazzy ballads like Rhoda’s “Free Yesserie” and Snow White’s “Please Don’t Feed Me Apples,” both belted with a backup chorus.

Although much of the broad humor seems directed toward adults, “Rapunzarella White” has enough interactive moments and physical comedy to delight little ones. They’ll get a happy ending, too, as long as they don’t mind young royals whose love — oy vey — isn’t quite like a fairy tale.

Bozomoon Productions